Low-paying jobs…

I am living off my savings now, so I can not offer real jobs. However, there are several small projects that I could imagine paying somebody else to do. I can either offer very little money, or revenue share. Please contact me if you are interested.

Create 500 questions for a quiz game – I could pay about 300€

I have programmed a quiz game for mobile phones a while ago. It was a cooperation, where the partner provided the questions for the game. Since it never went live, I would make it my own, but I need 500 questions for that. They should be eligible for commercial use, ie they can’t be copied from somewhere else, and can not use topics that are owned by somebody else. I am not sure how much money would be fair? Currently the game is in german, but I suppose an english version would be a start, too.

Marketing of a quiz game for mobile phones – revenue share

I see several perspectives for the quiz game. I am inclined to just make it open source, as supporting all the phones is too complicated anyway. Another possibility would be to allow companies to create quiz games for marketing purposes. Yet another possibility would be to ask popular brands if they would be interested in creating a quiz game about their brand (ie I personally would like a Buffy The Vampire Slayer quiz). I have too many other things going on to worry about it, though. But if somebody else would step up to take care of the marketing etc, I would be interested in giving it a try.

Improving the texts of the moon calendar on Mondhandy.de fixed price (make offer)

The texts on Mondhandy.de could need improvement. The “Über den Mondkalender” section is completely empty so far, it should contain an explanation of the concepts of the moon calendar. The descriptions of the activities on the “Planen” and “Tagesübersicht” pages should be more encouraging and relate to the moon calendar. For example, the text for Sauna currently says something like “a sauna is relaxing and does you good”. It should relate to the moon calendar more, ie “sauna is especially healthy if the moon is in the star signs xyz” – well, I can’t do it very well, but perhaps you can? I think astrology is marketing in pure form, in a way. Also the descriptions of the pages in the <head> section need improving.

Marketing of the moon calendar – revenue share

There are still so many possible ways to market the moon calendar, for example create brandings for popular magazines. Actually, if I could just focus on the technical aspects and somebody else would do the rest, it would be great. Revenue share would seem appropiate.

Marketing of the moon calendar outside of Germany – revenue share

So far I have focussed on Germany, because I expect it to be most popular there. However, if you think it could be a hit in your country, and would be interested in marketing it, please contact me.


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