June 12, 2008

Moon Calendar On Twitter

Posted in Mondkalender at 8:24 pm by mondhandy

I haven’t updated Mondhandy.de for quite a while. It works fine as it is, but a few improvements seem possible.

As a first move, I have now added a Twitter-Bot that will post the daily moon calendar @mondkalender on Twitter. Since Twitter sends up to 250 SMS per month to people’s mobile phone if they want it, this means that now the moon calendar is also available as a daily SMS.

I hope to soon find time to update the Widgets as well. The current one is too big for most blog sidebars.


July 5, 2007

Marketing day 1

Posted in Mondkalender at 10:36 am by mondhandy

How does one market an astrology web application and an astrology application for mobile phones? Everybody else seems to publish their projects on techcrunch, digg, reddit and the likes, but that hardly seems appropiate for an astrology application. I also have little hopes for my friends to spread the word, because none of them are into astrology.

Eventually I plan to use advertising, but first I wanted to get the basics right. Mondhandy.de was not even known to the search engines yet, and to make it known, about the only thing you can do is to make pages link to it. Surprisingly, using google analytics was not enough to make the google spider visit the page.

Some pages where to enter a web page are no-brainers:

  • productwiki – this one was picked up by the search engines first. It is an interesting page, too – as wikipedia does not really approve of product marketing, there really is a need for something like productwiki
  • dmoz
  • de.wikipedia.org
  • blinklist.com – social bookmarking
  • delicious – social bookmarking
  • mr wong – social bookmarking in german
  • linkarena.com – social bookmarking in german

While I was at it, I entered the chess server of my friend, too (3moves.net). We have to help each other where we can…

If you feel like it, please bookmark Mondhandy.de in your blogs or social bookmarking communities as well, it seems I need all the help I can get.

I mentioned Mondhandy.de on news.ycombinator, too, which was one of the first links to be picked up by Google and Yahoo. I made small mistake though: on news.yc I mentioned that I did not sumbit Mondhandy.de on it’s own because it probably isn’t very tech cool. Now google lists “not very tech cool” in the search results… (by writting this line, I probably enforced that, too – oh well) What I meant is that it is not a Web 2.0 application or something the techcrunch 50000 would probably interested in. Of course Mondhandy.de is very cool, technology-wise 😉

Next, I searched for astrology communities that might be interested in the product. Most niche link collections expect backlinks in exchange for listing your page. Lesson learned: you’ll probably need a “links” section on your web page.

  • METAPHYSICS group on xing.com – they only have 193 members, but since I already had an account at xing, it was the first group I joined. They have been very responsive, too, I received several replies and helpful information in response to my request for feedback.
  • astrospider.de – a link collection for astrology content
  • http://www.astrophoenix.de/– an astrology blog/magazine, I sent them a mail, but I am not sure if they will mention Mondhandy.de Most professional looking page I found, though.
  • http://www.esoterikverzeichnis.de/– another link collection, which makes a very good impression compared to most of the other ones. Link request are approved manually, back links required
  • http://www.esoterik-astro.de/Kalender+und+Mondkalender-13.html – another link collection, still young, but they seem good natured
  • http://f25.parsimony.net/forum62145/ – a forum on astrology, very dated technology, but at least it is a forum. No registration required to post.
  • http://www.spirituelle.info/top99/ – an interesting link collection: the more traffic you generate for top99, the higher is the rank for your page. I haven’t submitted there yet, because I’d like to have a banner image to do that, but I plan to.

Since I didn’t find many blogs who might mention Mondhandy.de, I started this blog 😉 Seriously, though, I was planning to do that anyway. Maybe the entries here border on boring, but I hope over time the one or other interesting tidbit will emerge. Also it might be helpful for my next project, to see what worked and what didn’t. As for the marketing steps taken above, so far none of them proved very effective. Google knows my page now, but a search for “Mondkalender” does not list it on the first three pages. I didn’t know that there are so many online moon calendars by now…

I focussed on “astrology” for now, when looking for pages to submit my application to. I probably should look for pages dedicated to mobile applications next. While there are lots of online moon calendars, there are only two moon calendars for mobile phones, as far as I know. One of them you can find at Mondhandy.de.

Creating this blog also submitted the page to snap.com – one of the more interesting recent web technologies to emerge (the litte previews you see when the mouse hovers over a link in wordpress). I don’t know if they will eventually use their datafor search engines, but I think they will. At least they collect very interesting data in my opinion: they can record first hand how interested people are in certain links.