My name is Björn Günzel, I am a Software Developer from Germany. Recently I launched my first commercial web site, Mondhandy.de. Since I can’t seem to get round to putting my personal homepage online again, I started this blog to document the “ride” (eventually to be moved to my personal web site, once it is ready…). Part of my motivation is to document the process for myself – on the one hand it might help me when I launch the next project (coming soon), on the other hand, it is recommended practice: on days when it seems as if you get nothing done, you can look at the diary and realise how much progress you already made.

So I am not aiming to become the next Paul Graham or Joel Spolsky. Probably a lot of the things I’ll write will be rather mundane and boring. But who knows – it is an experiment, too, to see how many people might be interested. It might also become interesting, should I ever become really successful. Then people could look at this blog and laugh about my humble beginnings.

Since I am hereby officially a blogger, you can probably guess that I am starving for attention. So please feel free to contact me or leave comments in my blog. Also, don’t forget to link to or bookmark Mondhandy.de and this blog in the social bookmarking services, if you like, to drive up their popularity – um, god bless, I guess 😉

In case you are new to reading blogs, and would be interested in following this post, I would recommend you to get a newsreader and subscribe to this blog. My newsreader of choice is Sage a newsreader plugin for Firefox. It is a bit tricky to subscribe to a blog with Sage, unfortunatey: Find a link to RSS or Atom somewhere on the blog page. There should be a form titled “Subscribe to blog with “, choose “live bookmarks”. Then the firefox bookmarks dialog will be shown. File the bookmark somewhere in the folder “Sage” (you may create subfolders at will). Then the blog will show up in the Sage sidebar.


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