June 12, 2008

New blogs

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I have now started blogs on my own domains, bjoernguenzel.de and blog.blinker.net, so this blog will probably not receive many updates anymore. Only new things related to Mondhandy.de will be posted here.


Moon Calendar On Twitter

Posted in Mondkalender at 8:24 pm by mondhandy

I haven’t updated Mondhandy.de for quite a while. It works fine as it is, but a few improvements seem possible.

As a first move, I have now added a Twitter-Bot that will post the daily moon calendar @mondkalender on Twitter. Since Twitter sends up to 250 SMS per month to people’s mobile phone if they want it, this means that now the moon calendar is also available as a daily SMS.

I hope to soon find time to update the Widgets as well. The current one is too big for most blog sidebars.