July 31, 2007

Operation went OK, mostly…

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:02 pm by mondhandy

Apparently the operation went well, the physician seems pleased with the outcome so far. I am not even wearing bandages anymore, just patches on top of the stitches. Unfortunately it seems the bandages were too tight and I didn’t take them off in time, and now another finger has lost it’s feeling in some places (they bandaged index and middle finger together for support). The physician seems confident that the feeling will return over time, though. It is just a very strange sensation for now.

I also don’t really feel up to work yet, and it gives me a slight depression. There are so many things to do, and I can’t do anything. The strings will be removed next monday. I can only hope that by then I will also feel fit for working again.

All in all, surprise, operations are not a very pleasant experience. When the hand business is over, I want to consult the orthopedist again and try to do everything to avoid further operations. For example, I have an indication for a hip replacement, and my knee is also already hurting. That would probably much worse than just the finger. Perhaps it is not too late to avoid that fate :-/


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