July 17, 2007

RSI and/or a cyst in the bone

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For years I have felt some pain in my fingers, particularly the mouse finger. I used to blame it on real time strategy games: when the troops didn’t react the way I wanted them, I tended to strain my hand too much. Doctors weren’t much help most of the time. 4 years ago a x-ray showed no apparent problems, and a neurologist measured the nerves going into my hand and found only a mild strain. Recently I asked my family doctor about it again, as the pains have become much worse, but she mostly recommended to stop drinking coffee, use a trackpad instead of a mouse, and do stretching exercises. An orthopedist I saw didn’t even look at my x-rays, he only recommended me to consult his wife, who is a specialist of chinese medicine.

Now I called the info-hotline of my health insurance company (“infomed”) to have them recommend another specialist to me. Today it went there, and it turns out that I have a cyst in the right index finger. So they’ll have to operate: the cyst is scraped out of the bone, and then a piece of bone from my hip will be used to fill the hole. Eeeeeew!!!

I hope it will all go well. I am not sure yet if the mouse is redeemed, though. While the doctor said that it is an independent problem, it seems to much of a coincidence. Maybe the cyst was induced by my heavy mouse use?

Since not only my index finger is in pain, I have started to finally learn the 10 finger system for typing. It is very slow for me, but ultimately it really seems to reduce the strain on the hand. I also notice that often my whole arm is tense when I sit at the computer, but I am not yet sure how to avoid it. One of my neighbors, who also had severe RSI problems, recommended a system called “Ergo Rest”, also, he said his problems ultimately stemmed from a weak back and went away with Kieser Training. He recommended a specialist, but my insurance doesn’t cover him.

Except for discovering the cyst, the new orthopedic also didn’t have much advice for my RSI problem, so I still feel really uneasy about the whole thing. After all, I currently earn my livelihood with the computer. I would like my hand to hold out for decades to come, and I am not sure what to do to ensure it.



  1. Ann Hayes said,

    Hi- I had a cyst on my right index finger joint for several years before haviing it removed surgically in February. By May it was beginning to grow back and it has steadly grown larger.I am also noticing another on the palm of my hand, on the bone just below the index finger.

    Since the cysts are viral in nature my Dr. said there would be a 50% chance of regrowth. I am now inthe process of finding holistic methods of removal which may be slower but will avoid another surgery.

    I would look into the guys wife who practices Chinese medicine before having the surgery. Stretching helps and I’ve heard massaging helps get rid of them.

    Good luck with yours.
    if you have any questions or comments email me directly as I probably won’t find your website again. I was just googling ‘viral cysts’ when I found yours. this morning.


  2. mondhandy said,

    Thank you for your comment. I have nothing against Chinese Medicine or other alternative medical approaches. In fact, I don’t have a very high esteem for classical medicine anymore. It’s just that I wouldn’t go to the wife of the physician who let me down so much, it simply isn’t a good recommendation.

    I will send you a mail because I am definitely interested in more information about alternative treatments.

  3. AgainstMice said,

    I had this kind of RSI problem. A good mouse helps to prevent RSI and you should use shortcuts as much as possible. Consider an Enterpad or any other overlay keyboard should you have too many shortcuts to remember.

  4. Rohnda said,


    Did you have the surgery? If so, how did it go? I have a cyst on my right index finger – thought about your comment regarding mouse use… Anyway, it is right there in the mid part of the tip of the finger.

    • mondhandy said,

      I had the surgery and it seems to be OK, although I still don’t trust the finger as much as I used to. But I don’t have the severe pain anymore. Somtimes it still hurts a little, but I suppose that could be for all sorts of reasons (like old scars also hurt sometimes). It took a while to heal, though.

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