July 13, 2007

Tedious work: social bookmarking links

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:42 pm by mondhandy

I just added some “bookmark me” buttons to my “books & links” page. It was tedious work to find out how to do it for each individual bookmarking service, so I thought it was worthwhile information to share.

For the english ones, I found overview pages: 3spots.blogspots.com lists code for over 30 bookmarking services. And now that I write this, I see that they have a link to information on german bookmarking services, too. As I focus on german customers, that is REALLY useful. Just adding these little icons took me about two hours of research… At least I found additional german bookmarking sites to add my page: Google Bookmarks and Yigg. Yigg is so crappy that I ended up not including it, though. Taggle seems to not exist anymore (bought by Mister Wong), although it is still listed on that page. Also, for linkarena they show the wrong submission code. The correct one can be found her: linkadd for linkarena.

Another challenge was to display the “add bookmak”-icons properly, neatly next to each other in a row. If I remember correctly, I used a an unordered list (<ul>) with the following CSS styles (ul, li and img all have class=”addsocial”):

ul.addsocial {list-style-type: none; display: inline;}

li.addsocial {display: inline;}

img.addsocial {clear:none; display:inline;}

I am still not 100% satisfied, it would be nice to have a small caption show op when the mouse hovers over an icon. Not sure why the title tag of <a> doesn’t work.

All this took me about three hours – for five little icons!  Was the expense justified? I guess not really, except if I tell myself that next time it will be a lot faster, because I can just look in this blog how I did it the first time.


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