July 12, 2007

I should relax more

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:04 am by mondhandy

The last two days were almost completely wasted because I was too exhausted to get much work one. It started with being sleepless one night, but I think the root cause was being under too much tension for a while. Even though I didn’t do much complicated work lately, the web site being online put me under some kind of pressure, because I thought that any new visit might be some persons last visit if they dislike something – and especially the search engine bots, of course.

Maybe time will work for me, though, and some things can only be pushed so far, like the ranking of the web page in the search engines. It looks as if it will be some time before money will start pouring in (if it ever will), so I should steady my nerves. Being exhausted is not good for my optimism, either, because then I feel as if there is too much to do to handle it alone.

Another problem was doing too many things at the same time. Another project of mine is due to launch shortly (a cooperation with friends), and I wasn’t sure how to divide my time. And I would like to start the next project. As a spin-off of my experience with Mondhandy.de, I was planning to create a simple service for tracking the outgoing clicks on web sites (how many people have clicked on links on your page). Google Analytics doesn’t seem to track that. At first I was thrilled about the idea, but by now I have found Feedburner and SiteMeter, which seem to do it. I am not sure if they work for all kinds of pages or not, but still. WordPress has the functionality built in, so I am really not sure how many web sites out there could really use the service. It might be worthwhile as an open source project, though. Ultimately, I don’t like including other sites Javascript on my web site (as I do with Google Analytics), so hosting my own tracking system would definitely be nice in the long run.

Anyway, my urge to do the “link tracker” project has eased a bit, so I’ll probably go back to  my original plan, which was another secret project to do next. The problem with that one is that I have no idea if it is viable at all.

I also remember reading in some blog about how to decide what to work on next: one should always work on the feature that gives the most visible benefit to the users. Tracking outgoing links gives no visible benefit to the users, so I should first work on improving the content of Mondhandy.de.

Back to relaxing: for the weekend I plan to go mountaineering with a friend.  Unfortunately it means spending lots of money on equipment today, but I guess these are things I should have. The plan is to leave tomorrow evening and return on sunday. I must admit it is very hard for me to accept not being able to work for such a long time (parts of today and tomorrow will also be wasted), but in the light of having to relax, I just have to try to do so. Experience tells me that being in the mountains is always very beautiful.  I am a little bit scared, too, because it has been such a long time since I went to the mountains. My biggest fear is being surprised by bad weather. Hence the tendency to spend lots of money on equipment.


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