July 9, 2007

Next: mobile application review pages – where are they?

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Note: I have submitted this blog to news.yc, but I didn’t know how to link to the actual article instead of the whole blog. Sorry about that – the article I meant is here. It doesn’t seem to be very popular anyway – I was hoping it would be amusing, but perhaps I just came across as weird… Blogging always does that to me.

Having submitted my application to several astrology related web sites, I just checked for pages with reviews of mobile applications who might be interested in listing the moon calendar.

Problem is: there really aren’t that many of them. Most pages that do reviews only list mobile games. I contacted a few of them, but I don’t really expect much to come from it:

I would welcome further suggestions.

An additional problem is that when asking for reviews, it would be nice to be able to provide free test versions. That’s currently not possible for me, because the application is hosted with 3G Entertainment. If anybody is interested in reviewing it, I will try to contact 3GE and make them send out a test version – I can’t promise it at this point, though 😦

I almost considered starting another blog, focusing on reviews of mobile applications :-/

From the previous batch of site submissions, it seems that productwiki was the one that got picked up by search engines first. It really is an interesting project. And they seem to have enthusiastic people running it, my entry on the Mondkalender was edited by one of the owners of productwiki within hours of my submission (fixing problems with german umlauts). The productwiki entry for Mondhandy.de is already in the top ten of Yahoo search results for “Mondkalender” – but only in the english language version of Yahoo, unfortunately. In the german version, Mondhandy is still nowhere to be seen.

It’s weird that there are so many more opportunities to market web sites to english language markets. I guess there are a lot of opportunities in bringing some of those web sites to Europe.

One piece of good news: I received the first visitor from a search engine. The search term was not simply “Mondkalender”, but “mondkalender 2007#friseurtermine“. I am not sure what the “#” does, maybe it was just a typo. Anyway, it tells me a lot on how to improve my web page – I think requests like this might be common, so I should somehow make it clearer on the “planning” page that the listed activities are related to the moon calendar. I would like to improve the texts of the moon calendar, anyway.

I also learned (again) about Google Alerts, where Google will send you a mail if it discovers anything new about keywords you specify. Might prove useful.


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